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by Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a brand already dedicated to helping people see more clearly. By combining their passion for helping improve people's lives, beautifully designed eyewear, and emerging technology to create Aware Glasses, the brand can reach and aid a new audience in the deaf and hearing-impaired community. Watch the video below to find out how.

Vallenilla_Panthofer_AWAREGlasses copy.g

Insight: People who are hearing impaired or deaf, 

have a hard time communicating with others and controlling

their spacial awareness

Vallenilla_Panthofer_AWAREGlasses copy_1

Challenge: How might we help utilize other senses to help

elevate these peoples' spatial awareness and communication?

Vallenilla_Panthofer_AWAREGlasses copy_2

Idea: What if Warby Parker, reached and aid a new audience in the deaf and hearing-impaired community?

Vallenilla_Panthofer_AWAREGlasses copy_4

Technology: Aware Glasses utilizes a new technology called Letin AR (unobstructed displays in your line of sight), proximity sensors, microphones and

vocal recognition

Features: Sensors warn you when something's too close. Live closed-captions for easy communication with others.

Collab with
Laura Panthofer
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